Can you find a balance as a Mother?

Finding balance as a mother means accepting your imperfections.
— Mary Organizes

We are constantly asked how we do it – raising babies, starting a business and trying to survive! Well, there’s no simple formula and we are still working out whether it is achievable. Every single day. So let’s try to practice the following together this week...

  1. Firstly, we’ve accepted that balance is internal, a constant process, and a choice. You are responsible for checking in with yourself, so try to connect with You. Are you feeling like yourself? What are your best qualities and values?

  2. Make a vow to yourself that you will do something for You during the week or month ahead. We’re talking realistic goals here…

  3. Try to recreate a regime that you once enjoyed - cleansing and moisturising your face before bed/meditation or exercise/watching Netflix/a daily affirmation. Other things you can try:

    - Read an article/a few pages of a book for 15 minutes.

    - Listen to an album or podcast you like whilst doing a daily task.

    - Eat your favourite meal or treat.

    - Go out, alone or spend time with a friend. Say No to Mum guilt - you will feel refreshed and a better parent for it.

  4. Sometimes it’s impossible but try to find pockets of time – if you know your baby/children will nap for 45 minutes, use 10-15 minutes of that time to do something for yourself, (like eating lunch!) before tackling those chores/emails.

4. Perhaps do nothing! Just be still and reflect on how you’re truly feeling. Sit and admire the small being you have created.

5. Did you say you don’t have 10 minutes… Have you been scrolling on the ‘gram or Twitter today? Leave your phone somewhere in the house where you won’t pick it up so often.

6. Give yourself a break and treat yourself with compassion! If your child/children wake up whilst you’re prepping dinner, try not to beat yourself up. Let’s be realistic, every day will be different and some plans never materialise. Start accepting that you can’t complete and Be everything in a day!

That in itself is a balanced decision!