The Importance of Rest Days…

The importance of rest days.jpeg

The New Year often comes with a long list of new goals and more often than not, stepping up our fitness goals are usually somewhere on the list. With all of this renewed motivation and amped up inspiration, we often forget to indulge in self-care, so we are here to remind you of something that is equally important as exercising your body. That is… resting it!

There are so many reasons why giving your body time to rest and recover will help you in the long run. For one, it prevents injury and encourages cell renewal. You need to allow your muscles to rest to continue to strengthen and reach new goals. Taking zero day’s off can mess with your sleep routine and we all know that we don’t get enough of that as it is. It can also deplete your immune system, no mama needs that in the month of January especially with all of the bugs that are currently going around!

You can also burnout if you don’t take a rest day. As edifying as it is to push hard to reach a goal, our willpower can only take us so far and pushing yourself too hard can lead to physical and emotional burnout. So give yourself a rest day to recover and replenish. You’ll be amazed at your increased levels of determination and strength.

Taking an active recovery day to do a little yoga, take a leisurely walk with the little ones, or grabbing a foam roller for some gentle stretching can also be really restorative.

Rest and recovery are ESSENTIAL to helping your body re-calibrate, and this will ensure that you turn up to each sweat session ready to give it your all!