MBH is a social enterprise - this means that all of our profits are reinvested back into the business or our social mission. All the profits from each product we sell will go directly toward providing recovery care kits, antenatal workshops and support groups to vulnerable women, parents and families which will offer physical, practical and emotional care and support for mums before and after birth. 

Our ethos is to inspire and encourage open and honest dialogue. We want to help women feel confident and comfortable in talking about the realities that come with being pregnant, the realities of birth and the gruelling realities of the postpartum recovery period.  Our brand is so much more than the products we are developing. We want to tackle the taboos surrounding pregnancy, birth and postpartum healing – mentally and physically.   

We seek to enrich the lives of mums and women by exercising social and ethical responsibility in every aspect of our work—from where we source our raw materials and products through to our supply chain, and the way we run our social business.

Social enterprise goals

MBH has 7 specific social goals which we aim to meet.

  • Educate women about postpartum care and recovery.

  • Increase the number of women and families BAME communities who have access to antenatal classes and support groups.

  • Empower  women  about  their  birth  choices  and  expose  them to alternative  birth  therapies.    

  • Increase  the  number  of  women  who  will  have  had a more relaxed  and  informed  pregnancy, birth  experience and postpartum recovery.    

  • To  inform,  prepare  and  give  parents  confidence in their  ability to care for themselves and their  child.  

  • Increase  Peer-to-Peer  networking  by  creating  a  reliable  support  network  where  expectant  and  pregnant  will  meet  others  sharing  their  experience  within  the  same  area.    

  • To  reduce  the  severity/onset  of  post-natal  depression  by  educating  parents  about  the  symptoms  and  encouraging  those  with  PND  to  seek  professional  help 

MBH – Improving Access to Maternity Care Project

Young expectant parents are often affected by social exclusion and are much less likely than older parents to attend antenatal classes or access statutory support. This is because they often feel uncomfortable attending groups with older people and are afraid of being judged or stereotyped.

The ‘MBH – Improving Access to Maternity Care Project’ aims to bridge the inequality gap in antenatal and post-natal care within the East London areas of Hackney, Newham and Tower Hamlets, by delivering free antenatal workshops and post-natal group support sessions to young expectant mothers (and their birth partners), which will help to achieve their potential and improve the wellbeing for those taking part in the project.