Birth Recovery Box

Birth Recovery Box

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Our Birth Recovery Boxes are unique in that they provide all of the essential items to provide comfort, promote healing and help give pain relief after birth. This beautiful keepsake box make perfect gifts for mum-to-be and are filled with everything they need for their hospital bag!

Items Included

MBH Perineal Spray: (3.5 oz | 100 ml)

MBH Perineal Balm: (3.5oz | 100 g)

MBH Soaking Salts: (8oz | 223 g)

MBH Postpartum Bath Soak: (3.5oz | 100 g)

MBH Disposable Maternity Pants 3 Pack (size 8-12)

MBH Disposable Maternity Pads 6 Pack

Peri Bottle


A £58 Value when items are purchased individually.

Maternity Pants:
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