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Mum Bub Hub
Self-care for women and mums, postpartum recovery range for motherhood. Helping new mums heal, rest and recovery.
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Our Story


We want to empower women to have those missed conversations around pregnancy and the recovery period.

As beautiful and joyful as it is having a baby, the topic of becoming a mother is such an overwhelming and complex issue. Not many discuss the realities of the postpartum period which is a very crucial time in respect of our mental and emotional wellbeing.



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Our Products


Our hand-made natural products are designed for the areas that matter most.

From haemorrhoids, vaginal swelling, perineal tears, episiotomies to postpartum bleeding, the MBH collection provides a highly-effective solution for postpartum recovery.

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Our Impact

MBH is a Social Enterprise


This means that all of our profits are reinvested back into the business and our social mission.

All of the profits from each product we sell will go toward providing recovery care kits, antenatal workshops and support groups to vulnerable women, parents and families which will offer physical, practical and emotional care and support for mums before and after birth.